For over thirty years, Robin Powell has been in the entertainment industry. In front of the spotlight, she has performed in musicals, modern dance concerts, on television, and as a model; behind the scenes, she has worked as a choreographer, producer, and director.

She has taught dance (jazz and ballet) and fitness classes (Pilates, SOS/Stretch Out Stress, and Classically Stretched) at a wide variety of venues, which currently include:
Certified in Classical Pilates Mat by Power Pilates of New York City, Robin has been teaching Pilates for ten years. Her primary objective is to guide students to becoming their own teacher, through attention to detail and precision. Robin’s individualized approach to the practice of Pilates helps students acquire a deep knowledge of the work, which in turn leads to feeling lengthened, strengthened, and energized and to moving without the pain caused by injury or stress.

You will meet people of all ages and levels in her classes, including young and working dancers, athletes, professionals, and students who studied with Joseph Pilates. Everyone is welcome and can benefit from her classes. Be prepared to learn and feel better!

When her schedule permits, Robin is available to teach privately or lead special workshops at conventions, conferences, colleges, and corporations.
*** Robin’s credits as a performer include Hallelujah Hollywood, Jubilee, and Hello Hollywood Hello; as a choreographer, her credits include Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, shows/entertainment for jazz festivals, dance concerts, and beauty pageants.