I had never taken Pilates prior to walking into Robin Powell’s class. Now, nearly two years later, I feel so much stronger and confident, not only in Pilates, but in doing other physical activities such as swimming, and hiking. At age 69, I feel healthier than I have in years; my doctor noted recently that my heartbeat is stronger and slower.
I thank Robin for these changes. She is an outstanding teacher who demands dedication and excellence from each individual who commits to her class. Not averse to individual praise or gentle correction, she emphasizes personal responsibility for knowing and doing what works best for our own bodies.
- Sherry Schwartz

You are the BEST teacher I have ever had with regard to physical fitness!
Every exercise you expect of us is related to a previous skill or a new skill you are teaching us.
I always appreciate your step by step procedure.
How you give such individualized attention to each of your students is incredible...always
helping us continue to stretch to the next level.
- Alice Murphy

I am always amazed at your ability to customize the Pilates experience across so many level and individual needs.
- Roz Weinman

Feb. 2010 .......you are truly irreplaceable. You taught me so much and challenged me every single week. I can’t believe how much I learned in our time together and still always felt like there was so much more to learn. There is so much I miss about your teaching, especially the way I could tell you were really paying attention to every single one of us from your helpful feedback and exhortations to always try harder and push ourselves further.
I’m still so sad you’re no longer my teacher, but I feel truly lucky that you got me started on what I hope will be a lifelong love of pilates. It has really changed the way I think about my body and fitness, and I will always be so grateful to you for that. Thank you for always encouraging and challenging me, for motivating me to keep improving, and for your wonderful sense of humor. No matter who my instructor is, I think I will always hear your voice in my head when I’m doing pilates.
April 2014..... You gave me such a great foundation to begin my life with Pilates. This is my eighth year of doing Pilates regularly and I’m so glad I got into it when I did, and with you.
- Kendra Levin

I really can't thank you enough Robin, your classes give me a reason to believe that I can get back to health and a pain free life. For me, coming to your Pilates class is an essential part of my back re habilitation.
Robin Powell's Pilates classes have really helped me to recover from a back injury I sustained a year ago. Having been very active and fit for all of my adult life, when I injured my back by twisting in a chair one night at home, I really thought it would be a short lived incident. I had no idea at that time that it would become a chronically painful condition - that at its worst would mean that I couldn't sit, or walk, or even lie down to sleep . There was no relief from the pain, even with maximum pain medicine all day every day. After months of PT , Chiropractors and steroid injections, a friend with a similar back condition had recommended Pilates and so one day, I stumbled into one of Robin's classes. I haven't missed a class since. The combination of the core strengthening and the stretching has helped me to strengthen my core and take the pressure of my lower back. I leave the class feeling rejuvenated, stronger and in less pain.. I have been an avid exerciser all of my life but haven't paid enough attention to stretching , posture and core strength - all of which I know now are very, very important to prevent injury. I wish I had discovered Pilates years ago."
- Debbie Brown

I miss your class so much! I live in RI now, but do pilates on my own at home to keep feeling strong and centered. I wish you had a cd or youtube video or something to push me through an entire hour. Nobody does it like you do!
- Vicki Ludden